evismo-CardioFlex has many advantages 

Increase your diagnostic yield in every application thanks to flexible wear time

evismo-CardioFlex is worn as short as possible, but as long as necessary. This gives diagnostic clarity every time it is used. Arrhythmias that do not occur in the conventional 24- or 48-hour monitoring period are captured on subsequent days. Thus your patient can be treated correctly and immediately.

Variable service duration thanks to regular analysis by evismo specialists

The medical specialists of the evismo service centre check and analyse the ECG and movement data of patients for diagnostic relevance on a daily basis.

This regular data analysis enables the variable service duration with minimum monitoring time - the patient wears the sensor as long as necessary and as short as possible.

Convenient, location-independent measurement and transmission

The waterproof sensor which only ways 18 gram supports one, two or three leads. It is worn inconspicuously and comfortably under clothing with individual standard electrodes or a patch. You decide individually what is better for your patients.

The ECG data is downloaded daily. As long as the patient is near the supplied telephone, this happens automatically and unnoticed. Patients can pursue their lives undisturbed, in the knowledge that they are being optimally cared for.

Personal care and transparency for doctor and patient

Doctors and medical specialists from the evismo service center are responsible for analysing the data and contacting you directly if necessary. The personal contact, the holistic and clear data preparation and the clear, open exchange offer transparency for all.

A simple procedure for you and your patients  

  1. you prescribe CardioFlex, the long-term ECG for maximum diagnostic yield and
    1. place the ECG sensor on the patient in your practice and charge this service according to Tarmed or
    2. order it for shipment at evismo and the patient mounts it. In case of questions, the patient will be supported by the evismo service center.
  2. the sensor continuously records the ECG and movement data of the patient.
  3. the data is remotely downloaded daily.
  4. evismo checks daily whether sufficient data is available for a diagnosis.
  5. as soon as sufficient clinically relevant data is available for the diagnosis, the sensor can be removed, and a report can be generated. As a physician, you can access the data directly at any time.
    1. as a cardiologist, you carry out your own diagnostics.
    2. for other specialists, the evismo cardiologists will gladly prepare the analysis and the diagnostic report.
  6. you discuss the diagnosis personally with your patient.

Reporting is easy, fast and personally customizable  

As a cardiologist, you create your own report based on the patient's ECG data. You can use our software for this purpose. You bill the diagnosis as usual. evismo invoices you for the use of the device and the daily analyses. Pricing is within the scope of the technical part of Tarmed.

For other specialists, the evismo cardiologists prepare an analysis report including diagnosis, which graphically and textually records the most important data and findings.

As a physician, you can always access the full ECG.

Modern technology at all levels  

The sensor is suitable for all mobile ECG needs

  • Mobile, fully functional ECG with standard electrodes or patch

  • Configurable for 1, 2 and 3 derivations

  • Comfortable, waterproof, patient-friendly

  • Full ECG data available per patient

  • 18 gram, 48 x 29 x 12 mm

  • CE Class IIa, FDA 510(k)

The wireless transmission of ECG data to the evismo system takes place via a dedicated, supplied telephone.

The CardiacNavigator software, which supports the sensor, offers many functionalities:

  • A revolutionary dashboard for easy overview and quick analysis

  • Efficient tools for ECG editing

  • Built-in algorithms for detection of bradycardia, tachycardia, pauses and atrial fibrillation (AF) and clear automatic analyses.

  • Automated and individual report generation.

  • The ECG data can also be processed with other analysis systems.


Data security

evismo transmits and analyses medical data of patients. The data transfer is encrypted via the mobile network using dedicated devices. Data can be deleted at any time on request. evismo works with Swiss market leaders for data transmission and storage. Communication is carried out with the help of the Swiss security standard of the Health Info Network (Hin.ch).